Being a casual poker player I eventually got sick and tired of just donating money to other people. One day I decided that I wouldn’t lose anymore. I start reading every book that I could find on how to play in poker tournaments. Here are five books that helped me start making money from poker.
1. Harrington on Hold’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments Vol. 1 amp; 2by Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie

This two part series was written by one of the legends in poker Dan Harrington. A final table regular in the WSOP as well as other large field tournaments, Harrington leads you through Strategic Play in Volume 1 and in Volume 2 covers endgame strategy. Both of the books should be a must have for anyone who is getting serious about making money from playing poker tournaments. Whether it be live or online.

2. Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Vol. 1 amp; 2 by Jonathan Little

Written by one of the upcoming stars in poker, Jonathan Little, this two part series is one of the most up to date and useful books on the market today. Little has over $4 million in cashes today and is regarded as one of the best tournament players in the world. Volume one covers the fundamental play in any tournament setting. In volume 2 he discusses how gameplay changes at different stages of the tournament. Implementing the strategies from both books it is hard to not improve your game.

3. Kill Everyone by Lee Nelson and others

The first thing that will jump out about this book is the title. While the title may scare you away there is actually some great content within this book. Many winning players have come together to produce one of the best books on the market today. Not only will this book teach you everything you need to know about tournament poker but it will also give a great understanding of how to play in the Sit-n-Go format. These two types of poker are much closer to each other than cash game poker. So if you are interested in playing big tournaments as well as Sit’n’gos Kill Everyone would be the best fit for you.

4. Kill Phil by Lee Nelson and others

This is book is next in line from the authors of Kill Everyone. The revised edition of this book claims that it can turn any novice into someone who can play with the best in the world. While that may sound very far-fetched, after reading this book it is evident that this strategy definitely can work. This book tries to address the issue of the hyper-aggressive play that occurs in tournament play today. It teaches you ways to exploit these players while still staying aggressive yourself

Here are some other good books that have helped me greatly in my poker career so far.
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In my opinion one of the worst playing styles out there is that of a tight passive player. Not only is it not profitable but it has to be plain boring. This type of player will never beat the game consistently. Sure, they may get lucky some nights and keep getting hands but over time this person will just bleed money out to the good players at the table. A tight passive player can be found at almost any poker game in the country. Here are a few tips to identify the player so you can take advantage of them.
We will first discuss the term tight in the name tight-passive. This indicates that the player only plays a small percentage of hands pre-flop. I would consider anything under 20% of hands played during a live game to be a tight player. You can be sure that if this player is in the hand they have some type of decent holding.

Now that we have determined what a tight player is, we can now turn to the term passive. This means that the player will seldom bet at any time. A passive player will do a lot of calling when they have a made hand. If their hand misses a flop they will often fold. As you can see this leaves this player in a bad spot on many flops. If a passive player calls you on the flop, proceed cautiously as they most likely have some type of made hand.

One other tip that I can give through experience is to relate age to passive play. While this is not true for all players I have noticed that many older players will often times play very passively. These people are just playing for a good time and play very passively. You will not have to worry about them betting you off a hand. If you see aggression from a player you have deemed passive then your decisions become much easier at that point. If you do not have a good hand then fold. There are no other options, trying to bluff will pretty much just be lighting money on fire.

I hope these few tips have helped you in your live poker quest. Check back often for more articles on live poker. Good luck at the tables!

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